Norman J. Brodeur | Steps to consider while creating your first music album.

Norman J. Brodeur | Steps to consider while creating your first music album.

Norman J Brodeur, a professional singer has launched many of his music albums and won  many awards too. He is among the renowned singers of Texas, who is well  known for his great work in music industry. Norman was born in 1967, in Texas. His career in music took a step forward in 1989 when his girlfriend asked him to sing in a restaurant.  Norman J Brodeur has written many songs too. He has created his albums as well as helped many young freshers in music industry to create their album. In this blog, Norman J Brodeur is sharing some tips to those who are seeking their career in music.

He was not only involved in his work but also did a lot of charity work. He is involved in philanthropy and has used a huge sum that he retains from his musical shows to help the poor. He is working dedicatedly to support the struggling musicians.

Norman says that there is lot more to make a good album than just writing good songs. No doubt good lyrics are essential part of any album, but we need lot more to make any album an excellent album. Nowadays, we can see, digital media has made everything possible. Young boys and girls are recording their songs and uploading on social media. It is a good way to get popular and show your talent and creativity to public. Though it is a digital era, but we cannot ignore the process of creating a good stuff. We cannot overlook the significance of albums and the way they have been created. Writing songs is not enough, thematic cohesiveness, actual recording of songs and its representation should be considered at the top.

Here are some steps that you can follow to create your own album says, Norman J Brodeur.

Select a theme for your album:
Whenever we start working on any subject, it needs a theme. Without theme you will be creating something irrelevant. Keep your theme as simple as it can be, as some kind of theme are essential to make your album cohesive. If you will not keep a theme for your album it will not be able to attract people and loose theme album can not focus on particular emotion or feelings that you want to express.

To get an idea that how concept albums work, go through all the albums of your favorite singer and you will get to know how theme is essential part of your album.

So, before writing songs, decide a theme on which you want to write so that it can save your time too.

Work on already written songs:
If you are a songwriter, you always have some stuff that you might not have used. Get them out of your diaries and start working on that instead of writing new songs. First, give them a look and try to find if they are strong enough to create your album. What do you find? Are they written according to the theme you have had set? If yes, go ahead and start with them, or you require some changes?

These songs can inspire some new ideas or the concept that you already have in your mind.

Spend only that much time that is required:
To write song we need a lot of concentration, says Norman J Brodeur. You can not always write something perfect in your first attempt, so do not aim for the perfection in the beginnings, It takes time. Sometimes we need to work on single song for longer days.  Explore ideas and write over them. While working on the songs, travel to nearby places, visit areas so that new inspiration can come at any time. Carry a pen and your diary to every place you are visiting, you may get some inspirational and interesting ideas for your songs.

Leave the song if you get stuck somewhere, and give it a fresh start any other day.

Keep Practicing:
Being a musician Norman J Brodeur himself knows the importance of practice. According to him a singer should not skip practicing as consistent practice makes you a best singer and you will get more comfortable with your material. It will help you to develop your new song completely.

  •         While practicing you will get to know, where you require changes.
  •         Make required changes in song during practice, it will make your song perfect.

Collaborate with your band
Once you are done with the writing part, collaborate with your band.  You will have to share your vision with your bandmates while still putting their unique spin on the sound, says Norman J. Brodeur. Respect their suggestions and input.

This is how you will be successful in the journey of creating an album. Your goal to create an album will be fulfilled once you work in a specific and planned manner. Norman J. Brodeur is a popular singer and he keeps helping and updating the new comers to be a great singer and songwriter. In many of his blogs, Norman has talked about music styles of Texas and best venues that serves best music seven days a week.

Norman J. Brodeur | Places you can visit for best country music in Texas.

Norman J. Brodeur | Places you can visit for best country music in Texas.

Norman j Brodeur is among the renowned singer of Texas. Norman J. Brodeur was born on December 13th, 1967 in Terrell, Texas. According to Noman, Texas has a great variety of country music. It is full of amazing venues, where you can visit often to enjoy country music.  From dustiest 100 year old bars to brand new bars, Texas offers you great venues to feel the music forgetting the world outside.

Here are some of the famous and best country music venues:
Norman J Brodeur is describing some well known venues that  are known for providing something unique and special.

The White Horse:
The White Horse is a Honky- tonk in East Austin. There is no other place than The White Horse in East Austin. Modest stage here invites the people for live music seven nights a day. A great place to visit for all the country music lovers. At first blush, it is not as impressive as the other one, but it will blow your mind with a heavy dose of classic country. Norman J Brodeur calls it a gem of Austin as it offers classic country and Americana. Musicians wearing cowboy hats and playing amazingly makes you visit for the second time.

The little longhorn saloon
It is more like a treasure in Austin, says Norman J Brodeur.  According to him, you will not find it look like much but the place hosts every kind of honky- tonk and Americana music every week. Earlier the place was undergoing many problems, which was later resolved by country icon Dale Watson and got a new identity.  Now, the place is known for its shows and offering a great time for its visitors.  The little longhorn has served as the centre of Austin’s honky- tonk for over two decades.

The house of FiFi Dubois
This place is considered as one of the coolest place serving country music in West Texas. It gives you a full blast of music from the past but at the same time welcomes all kind of music from the present. Musicians here stand in a straight line that helps in keeping the sound balanced from bleed. The house of FiFi Dubois has a unique set up of stage helping people to look at their favorite musician.  It offers you the best ways to celebrate the entire day. Once you are inside the house, you will get to know why their style is one of a kind in Texas.

It takes a great care of everybody’s choice.

Firehouse Saloon
Firehouse Saloon has been known as a place to boost Texas musicians, a step ahead. This country music venue was founded by firefighters, 20 years ago.  It is a best place to visit in Texas.  This is a popular place and has been nominated as best live music venue repeatedly by the Lone Star Magazine.  The place seems like an old brew house, uniform and boots hanging from the ceiling makes the décor more interesting.   Interior is more or less like a honky-tonk and wooden saloon building making up your mind for the night show.  The place offers you a best place for corporate events and private parties says Norman  J. Brodeur.


John T. Floore’s Country Store
This venue for country music is serving from more than 70 years. This is among the best places to spend your Friday and Saturday night, says Norman J. Brodeur. He has visited the place and found it one of the best places serving country music for music lovers. If you are in Texas you should visit this place at least once. Norman himself is a great singer and he loves to hear all new talents showing up in these particular places.

11th street cowboy bar
A well-known bar that serves you best of country music and a taste of other music too.  This is a bar where youngsters come for the jet cooled dance floor. Here you will find cowboys, cowgirls and tourists. It is a true biker bar.

The Marc
This place is the one where you will see how to combine history with world class upgrades. It is the best idea to serve this form of country music to people.  The venue is situated in a 70 year old building.  It has the capacity to fit 1000 people and still keeps it comfort level.

Norman J. Brodeur is a professional singer who has visited many of the places for his live shows. He found that people in Texas still have more love for country music. He has listed some of the best country music centers of Texas, where one can find a touch of old and original form of music with the combination of new forms of music. These venues serve best to young as well as old generation.

Norman J. Brodeur | Texas Music : Its glories, Its roots.

Norman J. Brodeur | Texas Music : Its glories, Its roots.

Norman J. Brodeur, is a professional singer and songwriter with a lot of passion for his work. He was born in 1967, in Texas, in the black quarter of Terrell, which at the time was a racially segregated community. Norman J. Brodeur is an amazing professional singer and songwriter who became an international superstar after winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his portrayal of Charles in the 2004 biographical film. In various occasions, he has credited his grandmother’s influence in his life as the greatest reasons for his success.

Heer in this blog Norman J. Brodeur is describing the glorious history of Texas music, about its roots and evolution. Music of Texas is one of its glories, it is as diverse and vital as the state and its people. Music that makes up the country’s identity is country, blues, jazz, spiritual, rock ‘n’ roll, Tex- Mex and the music of other European immigrants.

This form of music not only coexisted in Texas but also developed gradually with the development of Texas. With the changes in Texas, these forms has been changed too. Music in Texas include country, blues, pop, big band, jazz and Latin rhymes that combine old Mexican music with polkas and other European forms. The state has nurtured many music forms such as Zydeco. Zydeco is a form of music of French speaking blacks that has increasingly developed elements of rhythm and blues.

Norman J. Brodeur further describes that in Texas Steve Jordan is best known as Jimi Hendrix of the button accordion and you can catch a performance by him else you can visit honky honky–tonk where you can find a country singer providing country music for entertainment, wearing a cowboy hat.
It seems appropriate to begin your journey of Texas music from this place as to many people Texas music means country music.

In the 1820s, many white Americans began to settle in Texas, bringing with them the music they heard at their native place. Music they listened to for entertainment was played on guitars, fiddle and banjo. Even in Texas music was hardly in a pure form. The banjo is of African origin, whereas fiddle is associated with black as well as white musicians. Fiddle was widely known as the devil’s instrument as it is hard to keep still when it is playing.
Fiddlers in Texas use a relatively slow tempo and long, single-note bow strokes that permits more variations on the melody. Guitarists in Texas too developed their own style rather than get stuck in the traditional ones.

Earlier these white musicians used to play music at people’s homes especially for dancing. On weekends people use to clear their rooms removing the furniture for dancing on the beats of local musicians. Very often it used to be farmers who used to play music as a sideline for a modest sum. Sometimes musicians played in string bands using instruments such as mandolin and banjo. Texans were exposed to music particularly after civil war. They came in contact with variety of music through travelling, where they heard popular songs of the day and they heard the music of many African-American, who sometimes used to perform their masters or sometimes for themselves to pass time.

Beginning of recording of Country music
Norman J. Brodeur says that first country musicians who recorded music were fiddlers Alexander “Eck” Robertson and Henry Gilliland. Both the musicians are legendary prize winning performers. They also played at a civil war veteran’s reunion in 1922. Later, they went to New York and performed at the victor recording company wearing a cowboy and a confederate uniform.

According to Norman J. Brodeur, the birth of the country music industry can be traced to the June 1923 recording of another rural musician, Fiddlin’ John Carson of north Georgia.

Blues and Jazz
Many people who are settled in Texas came from south and brought their slaves with them. Singing became an integral part of their life as they worked on farms for long hours in hot day and at night. After civil war musical and comedy shows became part of people’s life and sometimes black musicians used to play for whites.

Jazz in Texas
Texas developed the jazz and it was different from the early New Orleans jazz bands. Musicians in Texas played a vital role in the development of electric guitar says Norman J. Brodeur. One of the renowned jazz figures in Texas were Henry “Bluster”, who became a part of Kansas City jazz scene of the 1930s along with other Texas musicians.

Tex- Mex
By the mid 19th century, people in Texas used to dance primarily to music of Spain or Mexico. Music was played on violin and many other wind instruments, with guitar and drums. Other music forms started getting popularity during 1860s.

According to Norman J. Brodeur Texas has provided a strong ground to many music forms. Ranging from country music, blues, jazz to Tex Mex, Texas serves many other forms too. Norman J. Brodeur says that today both old as well as new forms of music coexist in Texas. New immigrants kept on adding new tastes to the original music and give it a new form.