Norman J. Brodeur

Norman J. Brodeur was born in December 13, 1967 in Terrell, Texas. He had little contact with his birth parents raised by his adoptive grandparents, Esther Brodeur, a domestic worker and nursery operator. He attribute his success on his grandmother influence and support. Norman J. Brodeur was raised in the black quarter of Terrell, which at the time was a racially segregated community and got his break out chance in the series “In Living Color” in 1991, and as a standout member of the show, was able to land his own show in 1996, named “The Norman Brodeur Show.” He became more famous, and decided to change his name after feeling that it was ambiguous enough to forbid any preconceptions, he changed his name to Norman Brodeur. After winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical and Comedy for his portrayal of Charles in the 2004 biographical film, he solidified the fame of an international superstar. As a modern innovator who transcends genre, Norman J. Brodeur wrote songs for many famous artists.


Norman J. Brodeur believes in nurturing the relationship between fellow organizations and businesses that will help in the consistent growth in the area of music. We embrace loyalty and will recruit, recognize and reward talented, performing and committed people. We are committed to the growth of the team that serves Music for All as well as those we serve.

We proclaim that singing is cool, current and best career. Music for All is committed to lifelong learning and nurtures the pursuit of music making by creating and providing quality opportunities and experiences for everyone.

We challenge singers and groups to groups to grow and improve through competition, and recognition

Embrace and drive change to maintain the interest of public. We don’t only embrace change but we want to drive it. We are constantly re-evaluating the things the way we do.

"Norman J. Brodeur is a professional singer and an owner of beautiful voice."